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Meaning of Snake between roses - Traditional Tattoo


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General symbology of the snake

Since the beginning of time, the serpent has been in the iconographic language of all continents and epochs.. Famous in the most ancient books, next to Adam and Eve or with Shiva. Revered as Uadyet (lady of the sky) in Egypt or Quetzalcoatl (feathered serpent) in Mesoamerica. As one of the twelve great ones in Chinese astrology or powerful archetype for Carl Gustav Jung.

Because of the way they are, ophidians will always provoke admiration, respect, fear and curiosity. It could not be different. Animals so beautiful that they are at the same time repulsive.. So flexible and strongThey give the impression of being able to alter their size, shrinking and stretching, and of being unbreakable, adopting different shapes with their sinuous movements. Being able to camouflage perfectly in its habitat and renew yourself by changing your skin. Capable of killing other animals apparently superior in strength and size using poison or constrictionbeing both warriors and sorcerers.

In the past they were attributed more qualities than they have, it's true. But to me, for what they really are, they are full of magic.

The symbolism of the serpent is multivalent and dual. It signifies both life and death, enchantment and sensuality, subtlety and cunning but also perversity.

It shows a constant balance between creative goodness and destructive evil. It represents eternal life, health, the creation of the universe, wisdom and at the same time sin and contact with the "beyond", among many other things.

Snake tattoo

The snake is widely represented in tattoos since ancient times. and is often a motif that is highly appreciated by tattoo artists. Because it is so sinuous, adapts perfectly to any part of the body.

Can be made in large sizeswith all the richness of detail or in small sizes with a simple drawing of a few lines. It can be represented in grays by having an easily recognizable shape or in various color combinationsThe tattooist and the client's taste. Y fit in different stylesbe realistic, Japanese, old school... snakes are really an excellent motif for tattoos.

It should be recalled that they are also excellent for cover up. For all the reasons mentioned above and for the freedom that the artist may have when it comes to apply flakes or different textures to the body of the snake. And if they are combined with flowers or other secondary elements, even better.

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