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A more modern mechanism for tattooing

The brand Cheyenne from Berlin (Germany) presents a tattoo machine with a different mechanism from previous machines. They are small, quiet, light and easy to clean.

Shortly thereafter, Cheyenne presents the so-called cartridges, disposable tattoo needle modules.
Cheyenne's machines have had great success mainly among realism tattoo artists, but also among tattoo artists and have brought great improvements to the execution of this style.

Y the innovative cartridges have triumphed with tattoo artists of all stylesThey cause less injury and irritation to the skin, in addition to providing great precision. It is also quite practical to change the cartridges at the time of tattooing, which facilitates the use of several needle modules at the same time, more quickly.

In the following years, this model of machine with cartridges will influence the creation of other models of different brands, all adapted to the use of cartridges.

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