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Japanese tattoo in A Coruña and Madrid


Tattooing since 1998
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After all, we are what we do to change who we are.
Eduardo Galeano
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Classic Tattoo Spain


Is tattooing a territory where the unconscious becomes conscious? Can tattooing generate learnings that we can transfer to our daily lives? Caroli Dilli discusses these and other topics in her talk with Ernest Graves.


Selection of new and old tattoos representative of my work, with their photos and stories. Almost all in Japanese style or based on oriental culture. Fully tattooed backs and arms and more.


Paintings, drawings and sketches made for various purposes. Most of them in Japanese style and already used in tattoos, others still available for tattooing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Useful answers to common questions and various recommendations for all those who want to get a tattoo.



News about my work and stories related to my tattoos. Moments, people, places and drawings that are worth to be remembered.

Tattoo History

Whenever I have wanted to research the origins and development of tattooing in the world, I have always come across records that dealt with small parts of this long history.

About me

A little bit about my personal history and as a professional tattoo artist. Where I came from, where I've been, where I am, all in a nutshell.


  • Artist of 10 and Person of 10.

    In addition to making incredible designs that adapt to your idea, Caroli always suggests what looks best depending on the area and type of tattoo.

    The sessions with her are super enjoyable and the time flies by, she has an incredible technique for tattooing, apart from the personal treatment that as I said before a person of 10, which makes the session so short.

    ... Once the session is done, keep checking that the tattoo keeps the best care and cures well. I have already found my traditional Japanese tattoo artist, the piece is looking great.

    Recommended to 200% , if you have any doubts do not hesitate, go ahead and let them put you in their hands!
    Alex Correa
    Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
  • She fascinates me! She is amazing as a tattoo artist and as a person.

    She did a very difficult job and I knew she had to do it, because I had seen her tattoos and I was sure that although it was complicated, it was going to be perfect.

    And so it was. You can tell she feels what she does. And as a person, she is so special. Thank you Carolli!
    Marina Garcia
    Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
  • A great professional, a truly amazing artist and a beautiful person.

    His designs are simply spectacular and he advises you perfectly whether it is your first tattoo or if you already have experience in this world. In my particular case the experience has been so enriching on a personal level that I would not hesitate to put myself in his hands again to continue tattooing.

    He solves any doubt regarding tattooing and listens to you making you feel comfortable at all times. His knowledge of tattooing and Japanese culture is overwhelming and his involvement in each project makes each of his works invaluable.

    He is always growing as an artist, totally recommendable.
    Jorge Cid
    Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
  • We have known each other for years and evidently he has been tattooing me for years!!!!

    A great professional, focused on her work, impeccable treatment, great knowledge in the field.
    He will advise you and design your tattoo in an original way and with his special treatment, you will become part of those who have been, are and will be tattooed by Caroli Dilli!!!!

    A luxury tattoo artist
  • Getting a tattoo is an important decision and Caroli is the best person to accompany you in that adventure.

    Caroli is an artist, a great professional (one of those hard to find), and best of all: a great person!

    I love how he listens to you and captures the essence of what you want to get tattooed, giving you advice on how to approach it. He understands you and proposes what is best for you from his professional vision after many years of experience.

    Customer satisfaction is assured with Caroli. I recommend without a doubt that if you want to get a tattoo, Caroli is the right person.
    Javi Puerta
    Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
  • What an awesome experience being tattoos by Caroli, she took the idea for my Foo dog and presented it to me in a way that I never imagined.

    Her sense of placing and coloring shows me the years of experience she has and I was very happy to leave it all in her capable hands.

    Thanks so much, looking forward to my next session with you
  • I am very fortunate to have met Caroli who is a professional and a great artist.

    I'm doing my arm with it and I'm very happy!

    It is looking beautiful, I trust her 100%
    Lidia Gonzalez Vilchez
  • A professional from head to toe !
    He is so confident that I don't even ask what or how he is going to do it!
    A 10
    Victor Omar Mora Iglesias
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