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Tattoo Glossary

When I write, I often use words from other languages, or technical terms of tattooing or other subjects, which may be difficult for many to understand.

Here I provide a little more information regarding terms that are frequently repeated in these stories. Sometimes I simply provide a definition. At other times, in order for my writings to be better interpreted, I feel the need to go into much more detail.
There are certain words that carry within them a symbolic and historical charge so great that it is worth telling.

You can access the glossary from the entire website, through the search engine or through the words highlighted in the stories. And at the end of each story, you have links to access the terms that have been used in these texts.

Here I share with you the knowledge I have acquired over the years. Likewise, I always try to document myself through reliable sources and contrast the information before writing.

I will be happy to receive your comments, positive or negative. Any comments will be welcome. And if you can bring some relevant information regarding the terms that appear in the glossary, even better!
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