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Biography Caroli Dilli

I was born in Porto AlegreThe capital of the southernmost province of Brazil, in the pampa gaucha.

I am the eldest of three sisters and I grew up in the suburbs of one of the largest urban centers in the country.with all the good and bad that one finds in environments like this.

As a child, like almost all children, I loved to draw. Then came the passion for comics, skateboarding, biking, literature and music. It also awakened in me an interest in the martial arts and everything related to oriental culture.
1994, en el tejado de casa, con Déia y Re.
1994, on the roof of the house, with Déia and Re.

To the 14 yearsafter a lot of begging from my mother, I got my first tattoo and that's when the idea of becoming a tattoo artist.

During my adolescence, I went a little off track by devoting 4 years to a professional training in computer science chosen by my father. I don't regret it either, you learn something from everything.
1997, Sao Paulo. Encuentro internacional de Aikido
1997, Sao Paulo. International Aikido Meeting

At 18, what better way to celebrate coming of age than getting a tattoo?

I had been working since I was 16, I had my money. And at 18 I finally had a piece of paper, the identity card, that authorized me to answer for myself.

This year I did my second tattoo, my third, fourth and fifth!

It was time to start writing my own storyto develop without so many brakes.

I started studying languages (English and Japanese), I returned to dedicate more time to drawing, I started with martial arts and of course, I continued to delve into the world of tattoos.
1999, Casa de Xiva. El recepcionista Raúl, yo, César y el anillador Viko.
1999, Casa de Xiva. The receptionist Raul, me, Cesar and the bander Viko.
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

At 19 years of age I was able to realize the old dream that once seemed unattainable, the dream of start tattooing.

With few resources and a lot of desire, while working in a library restoring old books, I opened my store Xiva House in the company of my beloved Cesar de Cesarowho also dreamed of the same thing.

In those days learning to tattoo was very hard. The Internet access was very limited, y there were almost no publications printed or digital about tattoos.

In Porto Alegre, as in all of South America, there were few professionals dedicated to it. Almost all of them tattoo artists worked alone and did not usually have apprentices.

Because of all this, Cesar and I started together as autodidacts and we helped each other as best we could.

Even so, it must be said that Verani Fontanaone of the pioneers of tattooing in the South of Brazil, has been a role model, from that time until today. And from a distance he gave us some help.

At the beginning it was also very difficult for me because I was a woman. I had to make my way in a profession that at the time was mostly for men, in a very chauvinistic, conservative and Christian land.
Just to contextualize a little, Porto Alegre already had more than 1,286,879 inhabitants, according to the responsible agency (IBGE), and has long occupied the top positions in industrial and rural production in Brazil.
2002, típico cartel que en Brasil los padres cuelgan en la fachada de casa anunciando que su hijo/a aprobó las oposiciones de la universidad.
2002, typical poster that parents in Brazil hang on the front of their house announcing that their son/daughter has been admitted to university.
2004, Casa de Xiva
2004, Xiva House

With pleasure I studied Fine Arts at UFRGS (Instituto Federal do Rio Grande do Sul), one of the most famous universities in Brazil. There I was able to learn from great masters and collaborate with artists from other areas.

At the university, in addition to perfecting the drawing and the paintingI was also able to experiment with the photography, sculpture, ceramics and engraving.

In the search for knowledge of tattooing and art I have traveled many roads and found myself.

I travel, go to tattoo conventions and art exhibitions, I seek to delve deeper into oriental culture and I have never stopped researching about symbologies, religions and diverse mythologies in order to have more tools to capture the ideas on the skin.

During seven years (1998- 2006) I was tattooing in Brazil in my store Xiva House with my partner César de Cesaro, and later also with Peter Klegues.

Casa de Xiva has always been very successful. Simply it is in the nature of the tattooist to travel. In the following years Cesar, Peter and I have been to several countries, mainly in Europe.
I wanted to realize other dreams, get to know new places and cultures. To be inspired by new influences and to work with other tattoo artists. In other words: keep learning.

Like first destination intercontinental I have chosen Madridthe capital of Spain.

I have been traveling in Europe. There have been several countries, thousands of drawn papers and many tattooed skins.

It is worth mentioning the name of some stores and tattooists who are worthy of all my admiration and respect.

c. 2009
Some friends wearing the Mala Sangre insignia
I spent four years at Mala Sangre Tattoo Studio, very close to Plaza Callao in the heart of Madrid with Joel y Abraham Cruz. Over time we have become close friends.

I am fond of the tattoo store badgelike so many other tattoo artist colleagues and customers who frequented this store so loved by many.
In Birmingham I was tattooing as a guest artist. A few times in Modern Body Artby Jo Harrison @joharrisontattoo and Matt Hunta store that has been there since the 1990s.
Other times, in The Body Garden, also in Birmingham. I always intend to return to this city to visit a very important person in my life, my former partner at Casa de Xiva in Porto Alegre: César de Cesaro.
Do I ever go back to the roots in Porto Alegre to continue learning from the great tattoo artist, entrepreneur and person Verani Fontana. Verani Tattoo It is undoubtedly the best store in the capital, and it has been a joy to have the opportunity to work with a team that once had more than ten highly qualified tattoo artists.
In Madrid, in Arte Blanco Tattoo, I spent two years in the good company of Maik Romero. Also tattooing around there were my good friends and talented professionals Eisa R. Arauz and Maxi Morotti. I wear tattoos made by the three of us!

Elisa R. Arauz besides being a great artist, she was my tatami partner (BJJ and MMA), in almost all the stores I visited in Spain, in the bars, on the trips... We met wherever we went, she is a great friend!

In this study I have also met Nicolas Spotti I was just starting to tattoo at the time. I have the proud to have helped him with his first steps as a tattoo artist.. For the first and only time so far I wanted to teach someone the craft and it was because of the power that his drawing already had at the time.

I made my first visit to Katattoomba in La Coruña and I loved the store, the people and the city. Since then I used to escape to Galicia for a week whenever I could, to have a great time and to work a lot with the people. Korti, Perez y Samuel Pujades.
2014, Copenhagen.
Sander Bjørvik, Javier Pantoja, myself and Manu Londono Diaz.
I had the pleasure of cycling and tattooing in Copenhagen in company with Manu Londono Diaz y Javier Pantoja in Dark Crow Tattooa very special store. Good professionals of diverse styles in a very familiar atmosphere.
c. 2015, Madrid. Me, Loly and Pepe Gutierrez.
equipo FMN Tattoo Caroli Dilli
c.2016, Madrid. Maik Romero, Elisa R. Arauz, Loly, me and above all Rospray.
Here I started working in F.M.N. Tattoo (Madrid) with Loli and Pepe GutierrezTwo great tattoo artists that will bring me a lot inside and outside of work.

Later, former colleagues of mine, whom I have already mentioned above, joined the team: Elisa Arauz R. Arauz, Maik Romero and Nicolas Spotti.

I fondly remember the years I worked at FMN with Loli, the store owner, and the other colleagues.

A Loli I have great appreciation and admiration for him. It is one more warrior from Brazil who had to make a living and has eaten up the world. With very little she did a lot. It is an honor to have worked with her and more than that, to have her as a friend.
2016, Bali. Pura Tirtha Empul, Tampaksiring.
2016, Bali. Sangeh Monkey Forest.
As in previous times in my life, I felt the need for change and wanted to fly away. I went to Bali at the end of 2016 to get to know the island and maybe stay over there to live with my new partner.

I was a few months and it has been incredible, Bali and its natives have a lot of magic.

There I have started the project of this web with Fidelmy partner.

The website has really been a great idea to find nice people and serious tattoo collectors.
In the end I decided to stay in Spain and have returned, with the idea of living in Galicia.

In 2017 I moved to La Coruña.after 11 years in Madrid.

I have always continued to visit the capital to see friends and attend to the good clients I have there. Then I was still working at FMN with Loli.

I became artist in residence in Katattoombawhich he had been visiting regularly since 2013.

I was there for years tattooing overlooking the beach, side by side with Samu, Perez and Korti. I had a great time in this super lively place that had a great team, among the tattooists, the bander Jaime, Jorge and Luci in the reception and Your with laser beams.

Besides, the store used to receive great guest tattoo artists and it was a pleasure to share space with them. I will quote a few of them: Jaume, Gonzalo, Alberto Balboa, Carlo and many more.
All of us on the planet have been affected by the pandemic and in Spain we had to spend some time at home. In my case I had a great time planting seeds for the futurewith tattoo related ideas that will surely bloom later on.
A Coruña / Madrid
When we have all been able to move around Spain again after the confinement by covid, I have resumed my regular trips to Madrid and my work in Katattoombain A Coruña.

To my great joy I have been invited by Warlock to be part of the super team of Poison Tattoowhere I have been since mid-2021. The store has great professionals of Japanese tattooing and other styles. In addition to Brujo, they are Luis Albacete, Over, Maria Roca, Colo Lopezamong others also very good.
Caroli Dilli Tattoo Playas en Galicia
2022, A Coruña. Enjoying Galicia.
A Coruña / Madrid / Betanzos
I believe in the saying that you have to move to keep from getting rusty. It's lazy and scary, but it's the way to keep learning.

At September 2022 I have also joined the Delicatesen Tattoo Betanzos team. to enjoy the company of two other expert Japanese tattoo artists: Leo y Nico.

I am currently working as a guest artist in 3 stores: Delicatesen Tattoo in Betanzos, Katattoomba in Coruña, and Poison Tattoo in Madrid.

There are already more than two decades of experienceBut I believe I can always do better and I keep looking to enrich my tattooing and drawing techniques.

I know that I can learn by collaborating with other tattooists and artists, and by accepting bigger and bigger challenges from clients, who often surprise me with their ideas.

I am open to new projects and eager to meet new places and people.

If you want to count on me for any project, don't hesitate to contact me!
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