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July 30, 2022

Another Katattoomba regular

Otra vez habitual en Katattoomba - Como una Ola Hokusai
Lulu santos y Nelson Motta Como uma onda Otra vez habitual en Katattoomba - habitual en Katattoomba

"A vida vem em ondas 

like a sea

num indo e vindo infinito

tudo o que se vê no é

just as people live at one second

tudo muda o tempo todo no mundo".

"Life comes in waves

like the sea

In an infinite coming and going

everything you see is not the same as the one we saw a second ago

everything changes time everything in the world". 

Fragment of the song Como uma onda (Like a wave) by Lulu Santos and Nelson Motta 

From 2013 to 2017 I have been a regular guest artist at Katattoomba. In 2017 I became a resident artist, and now in August 2022 I am back to being a regular artist.

Many will ask, what is this regular guest artist and artist-in-residence? 

These are terms we use to refer to the amount of time a tattoo artist spends in a given tattoo store. 

When a tattoo artist is resident artist in a study of tattoosmeans that spends much of his time tattooing in this store.. You probably live near this place and it is convenient for you to tattoo there.

When a tattoo artist is guest artistmeans that is temporarily invited to work in a studiofor a couple of days, weeks or even months.

Tattoo artists tend to move around a lot and visit different stores to meet new people, other cities or countries and learn from other tattoo artists. 

As a guest artist, the tattooist may be passing through and never return to a place where he has been working. Or if he/she prefers and is welcome, he/she may return to the same premises to tattoo, casually or as usual.

A regular guest artist is one who makes regular visits to a studio.

Like a wave

Time goes by and our desires and needs change, and we have no choice but to adapt. It's all right, there's no reason to resist, it's totally natural. 

After so much pandemic and confinement, I feel like broadening my horizons, coming and going, like a wave in the sea!

I will be attending different stores, in addition to the usual ones: Katattoomba in A Coruña and Veneno in Madrid

Ya 9 years working with the katattoombosof which the last 5 were as resident artist. I made good friends among the team and the clients.

I won't be leaving Katattoomba, I just won't be spending as much time in the store anymore.

As I am mainly dedicated to the Japanese style tattooI have a very large tattoo, almost all the pieces I tattoo are large and need several sessions to be finished. For this reason, I am not in the habit of traveling to too many places, I prefer to go back and forth to the same stores every time.i.e, working as a regular guest artist.

Being a regular guest in stores makes it possible for me to do tattoos that require many hours to finish.such as arms or full backs, in addition to achieving forming stronger bonds with co-workers and customers.

I can also ensure that my customers receive all the attention they require. I can make a proper follow-up of tattoos once they are healed and to make any necessary rework if needed. 

This probably goes more with the way I am, prioritizing quality in personal and work relationshipsinstead of the quantity. 

Katattoomba direccion coruña Otra vez habitual en Katattoomba - habitual en Katattoomba

The clients who get tattoos with me in Katattoomba are not affected too much by these changes, just it will be a matter of organizing agendas to keep your appointmentsIf you are not available for tattooing, you will most likely be available in the studio for one week per month.

Either way, you can always contact me through Katattoomba or directly with me on my social networks, phone or page webI am totally reachable!

I have the agenda of the web to announce the dates of the stores where I will be working and for those who want to find out everything without even looking for it, you can subscribe to the newsletter.

The well-known engraving at the beginning of the post is The great Kanagawa wave from Katsushika Hokusaimade between 1830-1833.

Written by Caroli Dilli
Caroli Dilli Tattoo & Art
Development + Photography by Fidel