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August 16, 2021

How to wash and dry a freshly made tattoo?

Dani Pena Maori Mano - 49

How to properly wash and dry a tattoo during the first days of healing?

During the healing of the tattoo, it is better to use liquid neutral soap and if it is a bar soap, do not share it with other people.

warm or hot water will help you remove everything that has excreted from the wound caused by the new tattoo. Be careful, the newly tattooed skin will be sensitive to high temperatures. 

Washing it properly is essential.. For this, you need to apply a massage with your hands to the tattoo, even if it hurts a little.

The idea is to help loosen this layer of blood, ink, and body fluids so that a thick scab does not form on the wound. 

Rinse well with running water and do not leave traces of soap or other chemical products (shampoo, conditioner,...) in contact with the wound.

Dry it without rubbing, pat it dry. It is best to use kitchen towel or a clean towel exclusively for the tattoo.

DO NOT use the same towel you have used for your body, toilet paper or wet wipes, and do not share towels with other people.

Written by Caroli Dilli
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