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May 22, 2022

Veneno Tattoo Madrid


I have lived in Madrid for eleven years and I don't want to leave at all.. I love to visit regularly this city so dear to me. And even more if it is to tattoo at Veneno Tattoo, which is where I go since September 2021.

It is also an immense joy to continue to reap the fruits of so many years of work and to realize that many of my old clients are still with me and that new ones are contacting me and waiting for their turn to get tattooed, mainly requiring Japanese tattoo pieces, which is what I like to do the most. 

It was precisely from my first working visit to Poison TattooI am managing to return to the constancy of the days in the capital after the beginning of the pandemic! 

Tatuaje dragon japones espalda en Veneno Tattoo Madrid Veneno Tattoo Madrid - veneno tattoo madrid

Finally I can move forward with the super tattoo projects started before the confinement in Madrid and the new ones that are coming up. 

The Veneno Tattoo Studio

veneno tattoo madrid Veneno Tattoo Madrid - veneno tattoo madrid
 Former premises of Poison Tattoo in Calle de Loreto y Chicote, Malasaña neighborhood in Madrid. From 2014 to 2021

Poison Tattoo exists since 2014 thanks to the tattoo artists Brujo, Luis Albacete and Chanok. At that time they already had three other great tattoo artists who are still part of the team: Colo Lopez, Maria Roca and Over. 

In 2021 they move to the 26 Ballesta StreetThe new location is very close to the previous one, in the same Malasaña neighborhood in the heart of Madrid. 

The new location of Poison Tattoo is even larger than the previous one and is designed to accommodate a few tattoo artists and tattooed people at a time. So much so that it has a large team of resident artists and constantly receives guest artists and regulars. Professionals of different styles, national and international, for all tastes and from all places.

Caroli Dilli - Brujo - Veneno Tattoo Madrid - Tatuaje japones

The rooms where we tattoo are connected, which allows each tattooist to have his personal space, privacy with the client and at the same time interact with others. By raising your head you can sometimes see from a distance the tattoos done in the other booths or chat with colleagues and tattooed of the day.  

The walls are covered with tattoo flashpaintings and masks. There is no lack of dragons, skulls, beautiful girls, monsters and gods. Wherever you look, you find  inspiration and good references for future tattoos. 

 Veneno Tattoo is a space where everything fantastic and creative is celebrated and invites you to tattoo. 

Being a tattooist or tattooed, if you let yourself be carried away by what you see and hear in this place, you will be there in body and mind present. Being really present and focused is always rewarding and also very important for both the tattooist and the one who lives the tattooing experience.     

fachada del nuevo local de Veneno Tattoo en la Calle Ballesta 26 barrio Malasaña en Madrid
Facade of the new Veneno Tattoo shop in Calle Ballesta 26, Malasaña neighborhood in Madrid.

The neighborhood of Malasaña

This neighborhood needs no introduction as it is one of the oldest and most modern in the city, it is rare to go to Madrid and not pass through it. In fact, it was the first thing I saw in Spain when I arrived and it was love at first sight. 

If you are a freak of the tattoos and you have not yet made a tourist walk for tattoo lovers in this popular area of Madrid, be sure to do it when you can. 

In addition to visiting Poison Tattooyou could stop by True Lovestore of the great Bara or the mythical stores of Mao and Cathy y Tattoo Magic that have been around since the 90's, among many others that are worthy of a visit. 

TRUE LOVE TATTOOpng 1 Veneno Tattoo Madrid - veneno tattoo madrid
Mao and Cathy Tattoo Madrid Logo
Tattoo magic Madrid - logo - Caroli Dilli
In tattoo Veritaes - Veneno Tattoo Madrid
It is probably one of the places with the highest concentration of good tattoo artists per square meter in the country and an essential stop for all serious tattoo collectors. 

In addition, you will find in Malasaña stores full of tattoo-themed items and what I like the most: books that deal specifically with tattoos and other related subjects, such as comics and oriental art books.

You will find a few interesting stores near Plaza de la Luna and if you are looking for literature made by and for tattoo artists, visit In Tattoo Veritas on Calle de la Estrella. 

The Veneno Tattoo team

El Brujo and Luis Albacete lead this super gang. which has long counted with the important presence of Maria Roca, Over and Colo Lopez. 

Tatuaje mexicano - Chanok Veneno Tattoo Madrid
Chanok Tattoo


Aztec, Mexican, monsters and devils tattoos

Chanok has already left Veneno back to Mexico but it is worth remembering him as he has left his mark on the history of Veneno and Madrid tattooing, at least in the last decade.

It is worth taking a look at its instagram I hope to visit Madrid again sometime! 

Returning to those who play in VenenoThe team has a few experienced tattoo artists, talented and in love with their work. In addition to a few younger inspired and with good technique, who come full of desire and energy to mark a lot of skin for the Madriles. 

Caroli Dilli en Veneno Tattoo Madrid Dragon espalda by Brujo Veneno Tattoo Madrid - veneno tattoo madrid
Caroli Dragon made by Brujo


Oriental, Japanese, Tibetan, mystic tattooing and more

Brujo needs no introduction as he has been in the profession for decades and has long been known for his good drawing and tattooing.

His work, in my opinion, is loaded with mysticism and spirituality, as his professional name suggests. 

He has spent a lifetime immersing himself in oriental culture and it shows in his artistic production, besides being quite versatile in tattooing.

It's my favorite and everyone knows it, as I've been wearing one of his dragons for over ten years, accompanied by peonies and rocks that cover my entire back and ass. 

I leave here a link to a very cool podcast where you can learn a little more about Brujo...

Luis Albacete - Veneno Tattoo Madrid - Tatuaje oriental tradicional

Luis Albacete

Great tattooist and Japanese style artist

Prolific draftsman, tattooist of very good technique and student of the Japanese style. 

Well-structured compositions and a clean finish, both in drawing and tattooing. Specializing in Japanese tattooing but also willing to do other styles, continue tattooing his colleagues in the neighborhood and attending to the business of the store. 

I have nothing but nice words to say about Luis, both professionally and personally!

colo lopez veneno tattoo
Colo Lopez Tattoo

Colo Lopez

Fantastic tattoos with traditional aesthetics

Coló López is a great artist and tattoo expert. freehandwithout a doubt. 

His tattoos look like they came out of a fantasy or science fiction book, or some good comic book from the 70's or 80's. 

His representations of women always give them the air of goddesses, princesses or heroines. His monsters and animals are very fierce and generally the figures he tattoos seem magical or possessing super powers. 

All while respecting the aesthetics of good traditional tattoos: simple, basic lines and well-applied colors, made to last a lifetime. 

It's only natural that Colo is one of the favorite tattoo artists in Spain!

Maria Roca Tatuadora en Veneno Tattoo Madrid maria_roca77
Maria Roca Tattoo

Maria Roca

Neotraditional tattooing loaded with values

Maria Roca is called neotraditional style, this could be discussed, since it is a style that encompasses a quite varied aesthetic.

What cannot be denied is that she is an artist with well defined and marked values in her tattoos and illustrations. 

His work shows his many years of art studies and his mastery of drawing the human figure, his political ideas and his taste for the punk rock

What this woman tattoos will not be to everyone's liking, but the truth is that a lot of people like her because of this world that she travels over and over again whenever she can. Apparently she has a great time between concerts and tattoo stores!

Punk-Rock and tattoos - Interview with María Roca - No Land Tattoo
Over - Tatuaje en Malasaña - Tatuaje tradicional mutante - Veneno Tattoo
Over Tattoo


Traditional flaming mutant tattoo

Over has his roots in Graffitti and maybe that's where the power of color in his tattoos and the skill in mixing shapes comes from. 

His tattoos and drawings convey the explosive energy of those 80's skateboard designs combined with the traditional American tattoo theme.

Pretty girls with big eyes (sometimes cybernetic), fearsome felines, roses and no lack of flames. All this and more you will see in Over tattoos. Separately, all together or metamorphosed. 

I wanted to talk a little bit about the oldest members of Veneno, but there are also a few more, no less interesting, members of the team. 

They are Sergio Patan Cahcónmy dearest  Eisa R. Arauz, They are, Alenka y Ginger

On the store's Instagram there are links to see the work of all the professionals who tattoo at the studio, in case the team changes or grows. 

It is a pleasure for me and a great inspiration to be able to share space and some of my time with these tattoo artists and tattoo lovers. 

I encourage you to visit the store and meet the new store and the great Veneno team!

Veneno Tattoo - Malasaña - Tatuaje en Madrid
Poison Tattoo
Written by Caroli Dilli
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