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May 10, 2020

What should I NOT do during the healing of a tattoo?

Qué NO debo hacer durante la cicatrización de un tatuaje

In the following lines I will try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions during the tattoo healing process:

What should I NOT do if I have a new tattoo? 
What should I NOT do after getting a tattoo? 
Tatuaje Polinesio Coruna Caroli Dilli Brazo Completo ¿Qué NO debo hacer durante la cicatrización de un tatuaje? - Qué NO debo hacer durante la cicatrización de un tatuaje
RECUERDA ¿Qué NO debo hacer durante la cicatrización de un tatuaje? - Qué NO debo hacer durante la cicatrización de un tatuaje

Tattoo care

To have a good tattoo, it is essential to make a good healing.

It won't help to choose a good tattoo artist, the time of wait for appointmentThe preparation for tattooing, the hours you have spent tattooing and how much you may have paid if you don't take care of it, especially during the healing process.

Just as important as what you have to do after getting a tattoo, is what you don't have to do.

What NOT to do during the tattoo healing process

Below is everything I could remember about what NOT to do if you have a fresh tattoo:
Cuidados del Tatuaje - Evitar la contaminación cruzada
Avoid contaminated surfaces

Avoids the cross contamination

Do not allow the tattooed area to come into contact with any surface that may be contaminated.

Basically, to do this you have to keep your freshly done tattoo clean, and do not allow the tattooed area to come into contact with any surface that is not clean or has not been previously disinfected.

Be especially careful in public places; spaces shared with animals and/or children; places where there may be more body fluids. (baths, esthetic centers, hospitals) and hard-to-clean objects (carpets, fabric-covered sofas); etc.

And don't forget to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your healing tattoo..

Remember that the household cleaning products and cosmetics can be quite name a few of the most common types. Avoid the use of aerosol deodorant, hair sprays and other sprayable chemicals.

¿Qué NO debo hacer durante la cicatrización de un tatuaje? - Cuidados del Tatuaje - Evita productos químicos
Avoid chemicals

Do not allow freshly tattooed skin to come into contact with chemicals

Avoid contact with chemicals while the wound caused by the tattoo is open. The skin is permeable and normally absorbs small amounts of chemicals, but larger amounts can enter through wounds.This can cause a series of long or short term evils.

¿Qué NO debo hacer durante la cicatrización de un tatuaje? - No te pases con el tiempo de los vendajesy No mantengas el tatuaje recién hecho tapado todo el tiempo

Do not overdo it with the time of bandages

Don't keep the newly made tattoo covered all the time.

Remember that in general, tattoos heal better in the open air., but you will need to be able to assess when it is safe to do so and when it is better to bandage or cover it with a piece of clothing.

Discuss with the tattooist what your routine is usually like. to help you decide how and when to make the bandages, and when to leave it in the air.

In general, bandages are used for newly made tattoos on the first night to sleep and for a few hours in the first few days..

To the extent possible, try to organize yourself in order to have your tattoo clean and in the air mainly in the first three or four days.This is when it sticks more to the clothing due to the natural humidity of the wound.

To have the tattoo uncovered in these first days of healing, above all, make sure that the place you are in is clean..

Avoid places with direct sunlight or where there is too much dust or humidity, high temperatures, high smoke, animals or crowds of people.

When you can't avoid the sites mentioned in the previous paragraph, cover it with a clean piece of clothing, preferably cotton, that does not rub the tattooed area..

¿Qué NO debo hacer durante la cicatrización de un tatuaje? - No rasques tu tatuaje y tampoco arranques las postillas
Do not tear off the inserts

Do not tear off the inserts

Don't scratch your tattoo and don't tear off the stencils either.

Itchy tattoos can occur for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason for itching, it is best not to scratch the tattoo, as this can cause the scabs to fall off prematurely.

Likewise, you should not tear out the scabs, even if you are very eager to do so. There is a good chance that you will remove some of the pigment under the scab if you do so, and in some cases you may alter the texture of the skin by causing a scar, which will make it difficult to apply the ink if you try to go over it in the future.  

Do not rub the tattooed area until the scab falls off.

Chafing on newly tattooed areas can tear off the healing skin before its due time and compromise the aesthetic result of the tattoo.

There are parts of the body that are more exposed to constant frictionThe waist, elbows, knees, knees and feet, for example. It is necessary to have a special attention to these areas, selecting appropriate clothing or footwear. to attenuate friction.

Another factor that can be harmful is the constant rubbing caused by the elastic bands of socks, underpants, bras and panties. The same care should be taken when resting bags or backpacks on the newly tattooed areas.

Avoid using clothes or accessories that cause constant friction to the new tattoo, preferably clean and wide cotton pieces for the first four or five days, or until the tattoo has naturally loosened all the thin scabs that form from the wound.

Some physical or professional activities can also cause a lot of rubbing of clothing or other object against the newly made tattoo.

If you engage in any activity that may cause excessive rubbing of the newly tattooed area, try not to practice it for at least a couple of days after your tattoo appointment, to be able to devote better care to it.

no swimming ¿Qué NO debo hacer durante la cicatrización de un tatuaje? - Qué NO debo hacer durante la cicatrización de un tatuaje
Avoid taking baths

Do not take baths of any kind for approximately ten to fifteen days.

In other words, you should not dive until the skin of the new tattoo is completely renewed.. You can and should shower normally, but do not take baths in the bathtub, swimming pool or sea.

If you do, you are more exposed to possible infections and also you can cause the inserts to fall out prematurely.

Swimming pools in particular can be quite harmful because of the chemicals that are mixed into the water.

The time it takes for the skin to regain the right texture and permeability for immersion in water varies according to the tattoo.. Make sure of the period that you can not dive by talking to the professional who has tattooed you.

If you have tattooed your hands or wrists and occasionally have to dip them in water, it would be best to use powder-free vinyl or nitrile gloves to do so. But if you have to do it frequently, it would be good to use cotton gloves underneath the vinyl or nitrile gloves. Also, avoid immersion whenever possible.

prohibition ¿Qué NO debo hacer durante la cicatrización de un tatuaje? - Qué NO debo hacer durante la cicatrización de un tatuaje
Do not go to the sauna

Do not take a sauna until the tattoo scab falls off completely

Dry or steam sauna increase the risk of infection y can cause the fine crusts to that form during healing of the tattoo to fall off before the time.

As in the previous topic, the approximate time to avoid sauna is ten to fifteen days.If in doubt, you can always talk to your tattoo artist. 

¿Qué NO debo hacer durante la cicatrización de un tatuaje? - Ojo con el sol y el calor excesivo
Prevents excessive sweating

Avoid excessive sweating until the freshly made tattoo scab falls off.

During the first week you should avoid excessive sweating, just as you should avoid immersing yourself in water.

I will explain it better. If you sweat too much with physical activity, it is better not to train until you reach sweating point. during the first four days after tattooing, or until the scab of the new tattoo falls off.

If you do not sweat too much, be careful to keep the tattoo clean and dry during physical activity. and take a shower when you are done.

¿Qué NO debo hacer durante la cicatrización de un tatuaje? - No rasques tu tatuaje y tampoco arranques las postillas

Beware of the sun and excessive heat.

Avoid sun exposure for approximately two weeks.

The length of time you should avoid sun exposure may vary. a lot. Depends on your skin tone and of part of the world wherever you areThere are places where the sun is much more scorching and provides more hours of daylight, while in other parts of the world it is quite mild and provides few hours of daylight per day.

It also depends on the size and style of the tattoo you have chosen.

Likewise, in the first 10 to 15 days the skin will be in the initial stages of healing. whereby it is not advisable to sunbathe, at least not in the recently tauada area.

Even if you have tattooed a part of your body that is usually exposed, such as the forearms, neck or hands, you can still get a tattoo.Try to wear a clean, loose-fitting piece of clothing, preferably cotton, over the tattoo..

If it is very hot, it can be a piece of light, thin fabric.

It is important to note that It is NOT advisable to apply sunscreen to the tattooed area until the skin is fully reconstituted..

Avoid prolonged sun exposure of the newly tattooed area for at least the third and fourth week.

It is difficult to specify a time in hours or minutes. to define "prolonged exposure to the sun". This depends on the same factors mentioned in the previous item.. But throughout the first month, the skin will still be healing. whereby it is better to avoid direct exposureThe main reason for this is if there are high temperatures or too much sunlight where you are.

Likewise, you should not sunbathe or use artificial tanning of any kind.. If you want to do it from five to seven days after tattooing, cover the tattoo area completely with a clean, wide and thick piece of clothing, preferably cotton.

If you feel that when doing an activity where you are exposed to the sun, the area of the new tattoo gets too hot, it is better to cover it or protect it from the sun as soon as possible.

And one more observation, you must protect your tattoo from the sun with a piece of clothing even if you wear sunscreen on the tattoo during the third and fourth week after tattooing.  Remember that in the first two weeks you should not sunbathe or apply sunscreen.

Some pigments can change a lot in tone or lose intensity if you sunbathe before the recommended time. Especially the white pigment, or other pigments that have white pigment in the mixture.

no fire allowed ¿Qué NO debo hacer durante la cicatrización de un tatuaje? - Qué NO debo hacer durante la cicatrización de un tatuaje

Avoid high temperatures in the newly tattooed area.

I have mentioned in the previous topics the importance of not being exposed to the sun and high temperatures while the tattoo heals.

But there are other circumstances where you may be exposed to high temperatures.

For example, when tattooing hands or forearms, you should avoid exposing the newly tattooed area to the heat generated by fire when cooking or barbecuing..

Some people may encounter difficulties in their professionsThe use of hair dryers, working in kitchens, with ovens or other industrial machinery that generates too much heat. Spending a lot of time using hair dryers and hair straighteners can also be detrimental to the healing of tattoos in the case of hairdressers, etc.

If you are in something where you spend too much time exposed to heat, try to have at least a couple of days off after your tattoo appointment, to be able to devote better care to it.

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