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May 8, 2017

Is there any contraindication for performing tattoos?

Prince Constantine, Albania, c. 1870
Carlos Brutus Garcia ¿Hay alguna contraindicación para la realización de tatuajes? - Puedo Tatuarme?

Can I get a Tattoo?

Are there any diseases, medications or aesthetic treatments that prevent me from getting a tattoo?

Possible contraindications when tattooing:

¿Puedo tatuarme? - situaciones en las que hay que esperar para tatuarse


yesSituations in which you have to wait to get tattooed

Immune weakness; recent surgical or cosmetic interventions, such as laser hair removal or tattoo removal; local or general infection by bacteria, fungi or viruses; local conditions or unstabilized scars in the area to be tattooed; pregnancy; chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

In case of any of these clinical pictures or pregnancy, consult your doctor. and he will let you know when you are ready for tattooing..

If you are taking any medication, check the package insert to make sure that the drug is NOT a vasodilator, anticoagulant or antiplatelet.. If after reading the package insert, you are still in doubt as to whether it may influence the performance or healing of your tattoo, consult your doctor before making an appointment for the tattoo and make sure that there are no contraindications.

If you have had, or are having, laser hair removal or laser tattoo removal, talk to the professional responsible. for such treatment, and he will be able to tell you how long you should wait to get a tattoo.

If you are undergoing antibiotic treatment, the general recommendation is to wait until 3 or 4 days after the end of the treatment.. You can always consult your doctor to make sure, as not all medications are the same. In fact, for each case there would be a more specific indication. 

Is there any contraindication for performing tattoos?


Situations in which the tattoo cannot be performed

Allergic reactions to the products used; skin conditions in the area you want to tattoo, such as keloids, bulging angiomas, nevusmelanomas and skin cancer.

If you want to tattoo your back and you have too many molesit would be good to visit the dermatologist to make sure that these moles do not present any risk to your health. 

¿Puedo tatuarme? - situaciones en las que hay que esperar para tatuarse

Under medical supervision

Do you have allergies or any relevant diseases? 

Diabetes, heart disease, hemophilia and HIV.

Be sure to inform your tattoo artist, maybe your health condition does not affect the healing of your tattoo or you may need to follow some special care. If the tattoo artist cannot help you, the best thing to do is to consult your doctor.

Some activities or professions may involve an increased risk of infection or poor healing of the tattoo. 

If you are engaged in any activity or profession where you are more exposed to sun, water, dirt, dust, chemicals, infectious agents, dealing with animals or any other element that may seem worrisome to you, tell your tattoo artist.

Depending on the case, you will have to take different cares during the healing of your tattoo or you will need some days off to make the cures.

Caroli Dilli en Veneno Tattoo Madrid Dragon espalda by Brujo 1 ¿Hay alguna contraindicación para la realización de tatuajes? - Puedo Tatuarme?


Be cautious! Depending on your condition, it may be better not to get a tattoo, wait or follow some special care to get a tattoo. Be well informed.

Written by Caroli Dilli
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