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August 12, 2022

Delicatesen Tattoo Betanzos

Fachada Delicatesen Tattoo Betanzos
It is a pleasure to announce that I will be tattooing as a regular guest artist at Delicatesen Tattoo Betanzos from September 2022. 

In addition to continuing my regular visits to Katattoomba in A Coruña and Poison Tattoo in Madrid.

As I have been commenting in the previous post of my blog, I want to broaden my horizons and I'm working on it.

I get contacted by many nice people from Galicia and other places in Spain who are willing to go miles to get tattooed. irezumi It is an enormous joy for me to do these tattoos!

As the name of the store indicates, it is located at Betanzos, very close to A Coruña where I live, and there I can better serve many of those who commute by car from other nearby villages.

I have two other good reasons to go to the city of Betanzos for tattooing: to share space and time with Leonel y Nico Grifonetwo experienced Japanese style tattoo artists.

The studio of Delicatesen Tattoo Betanzos

In the middle of old town in the center of the cityNext to the Plaza de la Constitución and surrounded by tourist attractions is the studio of Delicatesen Tattoo Betanzos.

In the Rúa Castro number 1In this unbeatable location in the capital of the region, the store has spacious rooms to receive customers, ringing and tattooing. Everything looks very clean and the atmosphere is cozy.

As usual in the tattoo studios, wherever you look you will see beautiful plates made by good tattoo artists from all over the world, and without realizing it, you will already be thinking about the next tattoos you want to do!

Zona de tatuaje en Delicatesen Tattoo Betanzos
Area dedicated to the realization of tattoos
Delicatesen Estudio de Tatuaje en Betanzos Delicatesen Tattoo Betanzos - Delicatesen Tattoo
Reception of Delicatesen Tattoo Betanzos

In 2019 Leonel opens his second Delicatesen Tattoo store. The first is in the city of A Coruña and the second in the city of Betanzos. 

Leo decides to set up his second location in another city with the intention of increasing his business and to serve those who live in other parts of Galicia and travel from far away. for tattooing in La Coruña city.

Miriam - Delicatesen Tattoo - Anilladora y Recepcionista del estudio de tatuaje
Tamatori-hime and Ryujin. Tattoo made by Leonel to Miryam
From the beginning of Delicatesen Tattoo Betanzos, Leo had the company of tattoo artist Nico Grifone in this project. 

Later in the year Miryam joins the team as banding machine and receptionist. It's nice to see her in the store. Besides being beautiful and nice, she has a super collection of Japanese tattoos, most of them made by Leo and Nico. 

The team of Delicatesen Tattoo Betanzos

Delicatesen Tattoo Betanzos has a great team of good professionals.

Two resident artists: Leonel and Nico Grifone. Two banders: Miryamwho usually spends the most time out there, and David.

My friend Your is in charge of laser tattoo removal.

The apprentice Johnthe regular guest artist Diego and me, who will also be visiting the store regularly from September 2022.

I will tell a little more about Leo and Nico, who are the resident artists and Japanese specialists.


icons8 instagram viejo1 Delicatesen Tattoo Betanzos - Delicatesen Tattoo
Leonel Delicatesen Tattoo Betanzos - Estudio de Tatuaje
Hannya tattoo and snake made by Leonel

Leonel tattooing since 1996 and has lived in Galicia since 2004.

The first store Delicatesen Tattoo had already been in A Coruña since 1998Leo subsequently becomes its owner.

 The irezumi of Leo is characterized by contour fine and precise, detailed composition and dintorno with a variety of bright colors and gradients. 

It recalls great masters of the modern Japanese tattooas Filip Leu, Jack Mosher o Mauricio Teodorothe latter a pioneer of Japanese tattooing in Brazil. 

He usually works a lot in his drawings the depth and volume through shines and shadows, making more realistic the elements of his tattoos and giving a more realistic look to his tattoos. really beautiful finish a the pieces, both the colorful ones and those made in black and gray.

As a good tattoo artist who started in the 90's, Leonel fully controls other classic styles of tattooing in addition to Japanese. It is worth taking a look at his work. 

Throughout the post there are links to the social networks of the professionals and venues mentioned here. 

I have been following Leonel for a long time through the networks and although we had not yet met, we have many friends and affinities in common. 

We are both natives of the South American pampas, he from Argentina and I from the south of Brazil. We chose to dedicate ourselves to tattooing in the same years and then we decided to go to Madrid, and later to La Coruña

In addition to the passion for Japanese tattooing, we share a passion for the BJJ (Jiu Jitsu Brazilian) that we have practiced for so many years. On these roads we have coincided in local and with a few coworkers.

Now it's time to work together!

Nico Grifone

icons8 instagram viejo1 Delicatesen Tattoo Betanzos - Delicatesen Tattoo
Nico Grifone - Delicatesen Tattoo Betanzos - Tatuaje Dragon Irezumi
Dragon made by Nico Grifone

Nico Grifone is a native of Italy and has been tattooing for more than three decades

He has been living in Spain for a long time and in 2019 he moved to Betanzos at Leo's invitation, to work at Delicatesen and has made his home there ever since.

It is a privilege to meet tattoo artists of Nico's generation. In those years there were few who were brave and passionate enough to choose the path of the tattooist, then so stigmatized. 

We have been working together many years ago at Mala Sangre Tattoo Studio in Madrid with our dear friend and tattoo artist Joel.

I have had the pleasure of seeing tattoos of different themes made by Nico. I have seen these tattoos many times, freshly done and over the years and always appreciate the good quality they have. Without a doubt Nico is a excellent tattooist

He is equally good at drawing, and as masters different stylesOnce one follows his work, one is able to identify his works by their peculiarities.

In his creations you can notice Nico's authorship, as he has a very mature and particular art.

When working with Japanese themed tattoos, his good drawing fundamentals and his more than thirty years of experience. 

It is perceived in the gakubori and the way it uses to represent the water the aesthetics of the great European masters of Japanese tattooing.

Nico's signature is appreciated for its authentic way of doing business. dintorno using the resource of total painting of the surface. The expressive countenance of his characters and the combination of few solid and vivid colors also define his tattoos.

The city of Betanzos

Betanzos is one of the many magical places in Galicia.

Plaza de la constitucion en Betanzos Delicatesen Tattoo Delicatesen Tattoo Betanzos - Delicatesen Tattoo

A beautiful city between green mountains and many estuaries, full of long-lived buildings and churches, white galleries and stone arcades that delight the eyes of pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago, tourists and all those who appreciate the beauty that exists in all these buildings that clearly keep many stories, for me yet to be revealed. 

I have visited Betanzos many times before. I have taken there a few friends and all my relatives from Brazil when they have come to visit me. 

Of course we strolled through the old town, ate tortilla as tradition dictates and of course, we went to the Pasatiempo ParkThis site, so curious for its aesthetic oddity and peculiar history, is deservedly considered the first theme park in the world. 

Although I've been there a few times, I've spent very little time there all the time. 

I am looking forward to getting to know Betanzos, its corners and betanceiros better.

The importance of working together with experienced tattoo artists in irezumi

The tattoo scene is changing by leaps and bounds. In Spain and in the world.

When I started tattooing, more than 20 years agoThe tattoo artists were dedicated to making drawings and tattoos of the most diverse themes. and the public generally asked for small pieces. 

The stores used to have one or two professionals at the most. More than two in the same shop was not common.

Veneno Tattoo - Malasaña - Tatuaje en Madrid

With time and the increased commercialization of tattoos, artists have started to specialize in different styles and the stores have started to have a larger number of tattoo artists. 

When possible, a team of tattoo professionals with different styles was organized to serve a larger number of customers with different tastes in the same place.

Tattooing is becoming more and more popular and the time is coming, each country at its own pace, for several countries to tattoo artists skilled in the same style to work together in the same study.

Rather, stores specializing in a particular tattoo style are becoming more common. 

Some styles are more popular than others. This depends on several factors: time, fashion, price, time of production, etc.

The Japanese tattoo is a classic style. That is to say, it is not ephemeral like some aesthetics in vogue in the tattoo world. However, the irezumi There needs to be serious collectors and a culture in place.

Delicatesen Tattoo Betanzos

Although some clients do small Japanese-themed tattoos, by definition the style of the tattoo is is characterized by tattoos of large dimensions and high economic value that require many hours to be finished..

Definitely the irezumi and the horimono require a great deal of dedication by tattoo artists and tattooed people.

Finally, to the delight of Japanese tattoo admirers, a strong tattoo culture is consolidating among Spaniards. irezumiThe new tattoo studio is about to open nationwide, with two or more specialized and experienced tattoo artists working side by side.

Having the opportunity to work with other professionals who are experts in the same sector is one of the best ways to learn and evolve. 

So to be able to collaborate with Leonel y Nico Grifonetattoo artists who, like me, have been decades in the profession and are dedicated to Japanese tattoo will be a pleasant experience for all three of us. 

There are still few stores specialized in irezumi in Galicia and Spain. It is a joy and an honor for me to belong to the team of two of them: Delicatesen Tattoo Betanzos and Veneno Tattoo Madrid.

Historia del Tatuaje por Caroli Dilli

Tattoo History

For those of you who would like to know a little more about the history of tattooing, I invite you to take a look at the following link.

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