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Tattoo Coruña

Do you want to get a tattoo in Coruña and are looking for a tattoo artist?

If you don't know me yet, I am a tattoo artist. I have lived and worked in many countries. I came to Coruña to work for the first time in 2013 and it was love at first sight, for Galicia and for the Galicians. I've been back several times every year and in 2017 I came to stay and here I've been here ever since, living and tattooing in A Coruña.
I have been marking skin for more than 20 years and I have experience in different types of tattoos.
I will do everything in my power to make sure that you have a tattoo with nice lines and well-applied colors or shades, that is well placed on the part of the body you choose and that has the right size and features to keep it looking good over time.

In this post I will address several topics that may be of interest to you if you are thinking of getting a tattoo. I will go in parts and you can jump directly to what interests you by reading the headlines.
You live in A Coruña and you want to get a tattoo, but you have many doubts.
You have an idea but you don't quite know how to represent it on the skin.
You are in doubt regarding the size, the body part, to use or not to use colors.
You also don't know how long it will take to get the tattoo done and how much it might cost....

As a tattoo artist I can help you to clarify all these doubts without any obligation.
On the web I have a section of frequent questions who can help you with some of your questions.

And if not, contact me and I'll tell you by message, call or in person. As you prefer!
Depending on the project you have for your tattoo, your biotype and your skin tone, I will help you:
Better structure your idea and define the elements that will be part of the composition of your drawing.
We will estimate the size you need to capture the drawing you want depending on its characteristics.
We will discuss the areas of the body where your idea can best fit.
We will study possible combinations of colors or grays.
Once we know a little more about what the tattoo will be like, we can talk about:
How much time you need to do it.
How much it may cost.
This consultation is done at no cost or obligation to get tattooed. In fact, you can have the same chat with other tattoo artists, will help you clarify your doubts.

Japanese tattoo and other oriental styles

I am mostly inclined to Irezumi (traditional Japanese tattoo) and other Asian styles such as Tibetan, Sak Yant (Southwest Asia: Cambodia, Laos and Thailand) and themes related to Buddhism and Hinduism.
I love dragons, tigers, samuraicherry blossoms, lotuses and peonies.

Also mudras, mantras, mandalas, gods or demons and other characters and symbols of Asian culture.
  • Tatuaje Buda - Buddha Tatto - Oriental Tradicional
  • Tatuajes en Coruña en pareja de Corazones - Tatuajes delicados
Oriental style tattoo A Coruña

Polynesian tattoo and other tribal tattoo styles

Over the years I have also learned to admire authentic tribal tattoos, such as those originating in Indonesia (those of Borneo, for example) and the Pacific (Marquesan, Maori and Polynesian in general).
I like to document myself about the symbology to prepare drawings that are not purely aesthetic and can tell a story.

This style of tattoo can dress very well and adapt perfectly to the shape of the bodyhighlighting the muscles or looking for a specific visual effect if desired.

To do this, whenever I am commissioned to do a Polynesian style tattoo or other similar styles, I take the client's measurements so that the drawing fits perfectly on the part of the body in question.

In the pictures is Dani with his full arm, hands and fingers, chest and shoulder blade tattooed in Marquesan style between 2018 and 2020. Made by me in Katattoomba -A Coruña.

Polynesian tattoo done in A Coruña, Spain

Small tattoos with love

Do you want to make a small tattoo to pay tribute to someone or something important? Or to remember a special moment?
The one who tattoos a folla de carballo, a toxo or the Tower of Hercules for the pride of his land. All the fans who wear the shield of their team on their skin. Those who have a tattoo in honor of a music band, a book or a movie. Those who have their dog's footprint or something cute for their cat. The shell for the pilgrim. Boxing gloves for the boxer. The five friends who come together to get the same tattoo. The mom or dad who brings some doodles of their child to engrave on their skin. The one who marks the name of someone who is no longer here, to keep him or her close at all times.

I dare to say that love in its most varied forms is what most motivates people to get tattoos.

For me it is a pleasure to be able to tattoo people who are excited about something, or want to say thank you or not to forget.

Welcome to all of you!
  • Tatuajes en Coruña en pareja de Corazones - Tatuajes delicados
small tattoos in a coruña

Large tattoos in Coruña

I have already made a few tattoos of arms, legs and full backs. I have a lot of experience with this. It's not a problem for me and I don't feel lazy to do them.
I am constant and disciplined in my work and you can count on me if you need many hours and sessions to get the tattoo you want.

Common aesthetic problems with large tattoos

Before addressing this topic, I would like to point out that tattooing is an artistic work where a tattoo artist and a client decide. In other words, tattoo artist and client dictate the aesthetic rules of tattooing they will do together.

I do not intend to judge anyone's work, nor anyone's taste.

I speak from my perspective and experience, and the way I have found to do my job and be happy with the result, taking into consideration frequent complaints from tattooed people I have met throughout my life, opinions of people who are not satisfied with some large tattoos that they have.

Here I refer to tattoos that completely cover a part of the bodywhether it be arm, leg, torso or back.

That said, I will list some of the common aesthetic problems with large tattoos that I seek to avoid when tattooing:
The main elements of the composition are not well distributed over the area the tattoo occupies, causing the impression that the important things are all in one part while others do not arouse any interest.
Susana from Nada es para siempre
Parts can be seen that have been filled in quickly and carelessly, simply to cover a piece of skin with anything.
From a small distance it is not possible to understand what is in the tattoo, even if it has sufficient dimensions to carry a "readable" theme at a distance of 3 meters or more.
The piece lacks contrast and this makes it difficult to see the tattoo. It can happen for different reasons. One of them could be that it is done in grays and the whole tattoo seems to have the same tone, there are no light and dark areas. Another reason could be that the colors and tones used are not appropriate to the client's skin tone.
The inside of full arm and leg tattoos sometimes resemble the seam of a printed garment, that is, visually they don't quite fit together. What you see on the inside are the margins of a drawing planned for the outside that clash messily when they are on the inside of the arm or leg. There was no elaboration of an idea for the drawing to be well integrated in the internal part of the composition, which in these cases is cylindrical and not flat.
Fully tattooed arms and legs
I know how to fit elements into a cylindrical composition (arms and legs) so that all views have something interesting, and all elements look well integrated and distributed.
Fully tattooed torso and back
If the client allows me, I use the excellent dimensions in the case of torso or back to put a large central figure and thus take advantage of this non-existent space in other parts of the body. The result generates a great visual impact.

Tattoo Cover up - Cover up

I have a lot of experience with tattoo coverage and feel very comfortable doing it.

To make the cover up, I first need to see the tattoo in question to know what are the possibilities of covering it up. and what resources I will use.

In such a case, the tattooist does not work on a blank canvas but on a stain and needs to follow different guidelines to make a good tattoo.

In the case of covering a small tattoo that has been worn down over the years, it is usually done quickly and without major difficulties.

If you want to cover up a larger or darker tattoothe thing changes quite a lot. It is necessary to analyze on a case-by-case basis to know whether:
Laser sessions are needed to lighten or partially remove the unwanted tattoo. In this case I have a professional in whom I totally trust and who works in Coruña,
Susana from Nada es para siempre
Define the theme and style of the new drawing. For example, various Japanese style themes can be a good solution to cover a tattoo. Likewise, we always consider different possibilities that can be better adapted to the client's taste.
Estimate the minimum size for the new piece that will cover the old one. Almost always the piece chosen to cover the old tattoo is larger than the old one.
Give an estimate of time to perform the coverage. We can only evaluate the time needed after defining the above requirements.
Have an approximate idea of how much it will cost. It is difficult to give an accurate estimate when it comes to a cover up. Tattooing over the top of an already tattooed area sometimes requires two or more layers of ink to cover up what was underneath.
I will be happy to help you without any kind of commitment if you need more information to decide if you want to do a tattoo coverage.

In the photo related to this topic you can see the before and after of the realization of a small cover up: the covering of three linear stars with a rose in colors.

Do you want to enhance, finish or integrate an old tattoo with a new one?

As with tattoo coverings, in these cases case by case analysis is required to arrive at the best solution:
If you want to augment, finish or integrate an old tattoo with a new one, and your old tattoo is made by meGo ahead, it's just a matter of meeting up.
If another tattooist did it and you are not completely happy with itWe could meet so that you can show me the tattoo and tell me a little more about it, and together we will see which is the best option.
If you are happy with your old tattoo, and it was done by another tattooistIn principle, I would recommend that you meet with him to continue with the piece. Still, things are not always that simple and if for whatever reason you can't meet with him, I will be happy to talk to you and help you with whatever I can.
In the pictures you can see a complete Japanese manga tattoo that has been started by another good tattoo artist and finished by me. In this case, client and tattoo artist no longer lived in the same province.

Jorge has long ago tattooed an orange and yellow carp with cherry blossoms on his upper and outer arm, between shoulder and elbow. As he no longer lives near the tattooist who did this tattoo, he chose to finish what was left of his arm with me.

I tried to adapt to the other tattooist's style instead of imposing my own. Here the most important thing was that the difference between the koi and sakura that were already there and the new ones that I put in was not so noticeable.
  • Tatuaje Coruña estilo Oriental - Japones tradicional
  • Tatuaje Coruña estilo Oriental - Japones tradicional

Where do I tattoo in A Coruña?

Where am I?
I work at Delicatesen Tattoo, which is located in Calle Real, in the center of the city of A Coruña.
I invite you to learn more about who I am and what my work is like here on the web, and if you want to follow me on instagram, look for me by my name, Caroli Dilli.
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