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2014 / 2016

FMN Tattoo

Snake tattoo and hannya and tengu masks

Style: Japanese
Tatuaje Serpientes y Máscaras Irezumi Brazo Japones

When Tony came to me already had two other small tattoos, made by other tattoo artists. This time was looking for a traditional Japanese piece, and as he was already familiar with my work, he took some advice from me.. Other than that, he had already done his own research and came with good reference images, from artists that I also like, and some for whom I have great admiration, such as Rico and Shion from Daruma-Goya Tattoo.

Snakes and masks tattoos

I was delighted preparing the drawing and doing this work. Tony made it very easy for me by choosing a subject that fascinates me and by always being so lovely.

Initially, we have opted for a very traditional composition with a Japanese mask Hannya combined with a hebi (snake) and sakura (cherry blossoms) wrapped in kaze (wind), for the chest area and half sleeve (total part from shoulder to elbow) of the left arm.

Subsequently, we have made the complete sleeve, that is, up to the wrist. Following the same theme, we have added another mask, that of tengualso accompanied by a hebi, sakura Y kaze.


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