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Kappa and cucumber

Watercolor and markers
Rice paper
10x15 cm.
Not available
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Kappa and cucumber

The Kappa either child of the river is a well-known yōkai aquatic, and its most distinctive feature is that it has a sunken backbone and must always be filled with water to maintain its vital energy. There are countless curious stories about this being, and constant appearances from the ancient engravings of centuries ago to the modern video games of today.

¡Click here if you want to know more about the Kappa! In the section Tattoo Icons Japanese you will be able to access an article open to updates, where I am gathering interesting information and representative images related to this subject.

Kappamaki - Kappa Sushi
Kappamaki - Kappa sushi

About this drawing

It is known that cucumber is one of the favorite delicacies of the kappa

Traditionally, Japanese families were throwing cucumbers into lakes and rivers in the form of an offering to prevent the kappas from devouring the children.

Also because of the kappas' predilection for cucumbers. there is a sushi called kappamaki, which is a seaweed, rice and cucumber roll.

Hence this drawing where you can see a kappa It's best not to leave them hungry! 

About my designs:

· I do not perform more than a single tattoo with each drawing what do I do. Although I can always prepare a similar new one, I do not repeat them on the skin.
· I ask please to other tattoo artists who can use this drawing as an example of a reference for tattoos that don't copy it as is.
· The exclusiveness of the drawings adds value to tattoos and the production of new drawings improves the quality of our work.
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