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Years 2010

Laser tattoo removal is becoming more and more effective and the demand for tattoos on the most visible parts of the body is increasing. 

eliminacion de tatuajes mediante laser

Laser tattoo removal treatments have been developed since the 1960s.But it has taken many decades to find techniques that do not cause very deep wounds, ugly scars and too much ink residue under the skin.     

Time has passed and research in this field has continued. Finally in the last decades they have managed to create really efficient mechanisms to erase tattoos and since then more and more efficient devices have been developed every year.  

In 2010, many tattoo stores already have laser tattoo removal equipment in England. And in Spain, this service is gradually becoming more accessible and popular. 

Contrary to what people may think Today in 2021, these tattoo depigmentation techniques are still quite expensive, time-consuming and expensive. and painful. In other words, to remove a tattoo, a person can spend 6 to 10 times what he/she paid for it. A very small tattoo, which was done in 10 minutes, can take 6/8 sessions over a period of about 2 years to be removed. Not to mention the pain, which is quite intense and makes almost half of the customers resort to anesthetic creams to go through the laser sessions.  

The idea that tattoos are no longer for life increases the demand for tattoos and decreases reflection before getting them.. More and more people are getting tattoos in visible places such as forearms, hands, neck and face. There will be many factors that contribute to the popularization of tattoos on the most visible parts of the body, but surely the fact that they can now be erased is one of them. 

There is still a great deal of research and documentation to be done in this sector, however, there is still a lot to be done. it is important to note that the demand for laser tattoo removal is mainly made up of people who have had tattoos in the last decade.This was just when the depigmenting laser was improving its effectiveness and becoming known. 

Nowadays there are machines that are really effective at erasing tattoos, to the point of making them look totally (or almost totally) without leaving practically no scars or ink residues on the skin.. Even so, it is necessary to be careful, because it is still difficult to find good professionals who know how to use these resources with mastery, and for the time being there is no legislation in Spain regulating the use of these depigmenting machines.. 

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