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April 5, 2021

The Compass Eschobulus Podcast

La Escobula programa sobre Tatuaje Caroli Dilli

Do you like podcasts?

I do, and very much so. Radio in the past was already good, but with today's platforms where you can choose what you want to listen to is a true marvel. 

Audio content allows for a better understanding of the higher production at lower costcompared to audiovisual media. This brings the opportunity for many interesting people to create content and share with interested people.

In my case, many times I opt for these contents in audio form for my learning and entertainment, because I still have my eyes free to perform another task while I listen and enjoy mentally creating the scenes. to accompany the audios. I am very serious when I say that I prefer to just listen, rather than use audiovisual platforms that require much more of my attention. and that frequently offer poor quality visual content and quite inferior to audio, because it requires much more money, time and work to make something of quality and worth looking at.  

You know what I'm talking about, the internet is full of audiovisual productions where the audio is authentic and valid, but it is combined with image and video montages that are often pretty crappy, used simply to grab the viewer's attention in any way possible.

Jesús Callejo - Podcast La Escobula de la Brujula - Tatuajes - Una tradición milenaria - Foto de Fidel Dueñas

Jesús Callejo

I share a taste for radio and the podcast with my partner Fidel Dueñaswho introduced me to a few Spanish programs that I didn't know about and told me about the people who produce them. Among these programs and people were la Escóbula de la Brújula and its director Jesús Callejo.

A few years then I had the opportunityalso through my boyfriend, to know Jesus personallyhis family and one of his collaborators and partner in the Escóbula:  Carlos Canales. This live encounter only increased my admiration for him. 

Jesus is one of those people who surprise by his production capacity and his handling of a powerful weapon: the word. He has written a lot of books and made history in the world of radio and television. podcasts. About is dedicated to subjects that I love, such as mythology and folklore, collaborating with very interesting people in important projects in TV, radio, magazines, etc.etc.  

Does it ring a bell? The Rosa of the Winds and the name Juan Antonio CebriánDo you know the Strange Spain, Fourth Millennium o The Chronovisor of Cadena Ser? That's where Jesús Callejo moves. 

If you want to know more, I recommend your web. This man could really use an interactive and organized space to share his vast production and there you will find everything in one place. 

Jesus contributes a lot wherever he goes and I I was fortunate to contribute to their work with a grain of sand drawing a logowhich you can see here and also in his web

To this end, I have created an ambigram with your initials, i.e., the logo will be the same when you rotate it by 180°. 

Jesus Callejo - Logotipo creado por Caroli Dilli - Podcast de tatuaje
Jesus Callejo - ambigram created by Caroli Dilli

Ambigrams are a rather special type of writing y mystical powers are attributed to themThey also appear in mystery novels or movies from time to time. For this reason, I thought it was a good choice to use this resource to design the letters J and C of his name. 

My intention was to show in these initials a little of the magic contained in the topics that Jesús Callejo deals with in his books and talks. 
La Escobula de la Brujula - Tatuaje Ancestral - Caroli Dilli.jpg

The Compass Eschobulus Podcast

La Escóbula de la Compassula is a radio program. created in 2013 that has a super team where everyone has a lot of art when it comes to talking about History, legends and traditionsThis makes each issue addressed seem even more interesting than it already is.

They are already more than 300 programs and a few awards for the good work they do. 

The listeners of this podcast are known by the following names broommakersand I am proud to be one of broom cupboard more. 

La Escobula - Jesus Callejo y equipo

You can access the program podcasts from many placesThe Jesus website, which I have already mentioned, the Escóbula website or from different platforms of podcastas Podium Podcast, Ivoox, Google Podcastsetc., etc.

Here is a link to the Compass Scoop web site, where you can appreciate the posters that Juan Ignacio "Maese" Cuesta prepare for each program, learn more about each of the members of this wonderful team, find out about their activities and much more.

My participation in La Escóbula

Foto de grupo Escobula de la Brujula - Tatuajes, una tradición milenaria - Caroli Dilli
The team of the podcast "La Escobula de la Brujula" - Premium Podcast

What a great joy to have the opportunity to participate in the Escóbula. 

It is always good to appear in the media, for the publicity, but sometimes it is an effort and even a hard pill to swallow. Unfortunately there is a lot of sensationalist press that pass biased and prejudiced messages about tattooing. 

But when you love the program you have been invited to and share the same values represented there, everything flows much better. 

Jesús Callejo has asked me to find someone from the academic world to accompany me to the podcastsomeone who knew the history of tattooing, to contribute his knowledge to the discussion with the other members of the team. 

It was laborious and fun to look for someone to accompany me. There is not much material produced in Spanish on the subject, but I came across some very interesting research that I would never have known about had it not been for Jesus' request. 

After a lot of searching, I decided to go with Ana Belén Rojo Ojados. It was not easy to reach her, but when I was able to contact her and invite her to the program, she was very receptive and said yes! I will talk about Ana and her work in a moment. 

Fermin Mayorga, un gran especialista en temas de la Inquisición española

On the other hand, the Scóbula have brought in their collaborator Fermin MayorgaFermin, a great specialist on the Spanish Inquisition and the history of witchcraft, who brought a lot of very curious and totally unknown stories for me. Fermin impressed me, I was delighted that he was there and participated. 

We also counted on the presence of the usual people: David Sentinella, Carlos Canales, Marcos Carrasco, Juan Ignacio "Maese" Cuesta, Francisco Izuzquiza and, of course, the program director Jesús Callejo Cabo. Everyone has brought issues little known to the general public and it was a lot of fun, I've been tattooing for over 20 years and I learned things this day. So very good!

There were nine of us and the two-hour program flew by. 

The "episode 376 - Tattoos: an ancient tradition". of the Compass Scoop was published on April 2, 2021 and is available at the top of the article!
Ana Belén Rojo Ojados - La Escobula Brujula - Modificaciones Corporales - Caroli Dilli

Ana Belén Rojo Ojados 

It has been a great pleasure to meet Ana and share space with her in this episode about the history of the Escóbula tattoo. 

Ana Belén Rojo Ojados has a PhD in Sociology and a degree in Art History. In her thesis she has developed an impressive work about the cultural phenomenon of extreme body modifications, focusing on the field of tattooing, piercing and other body techniques derived from these practices. 

In 2017 this thesis was transformed into a book which may appeal to tattoo and/or piercing collectors, sympathizers and the curious. Ana brings a lot of valuable information on which she has based her research and provides her reflections on this cultural phenomenon.


I already have my paper copy and I can only say thanks and congratulations to Ana for her great work. 

It is very important for our society to better understand tattooing and other body modifications in order to accept them more naturally and serious research such as Ana's helps a lot in this regard.  

For those interested in Ana's book, here it is. 

rincipe Giolo Gioli o Jeoly Podcast La Escóbula de la Brújula - Podcast La Escóbula de la Brújula

Brief history of tattooing

Inspired by my participation in the Compass Scoop, I have opened a new session on the website called "Brief History of Tattooing".. It is an illustrated timeline with the most important events in the history of tattooing. 

The facts are told in a very synthetic way, so I have chosen to leave bibliographic links for those who want to find more information on each item.  

As is common in virtual media and in many sessions on my website, this session will continue to be under permanent construction

I will add things when I can, but already has a lot of content, especially on the history of tattooing in Japan and the United States, as well as well-known events in the ancient history of tattooing..  

I invite you to take a look!

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