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September 3, 2018

snake among roses

Tatuaje Rosa y Serpientes Caroli Dilli

Snake tattoos

D511 William Shakespeare liv3 ch14 Serpiente entre rosas - Tatuaje serpiente
"Have the appearance of an innocent flower; but be the serpent lurking beneath."

William Shakespeare. English playwright, poet and actor.

Zingerela is the woman who carries this snake tattoo parading among roses.

I seem to remember that she friended me on Facebook and she was one of these few people I accepted without knowing personally or even having any friends in common. I really liked her because of her profile and she liked mine too.

It took years of pure virtual contact before we saw each other and when we did, it was because he came looking for me to commission a tattoo.

This was in 2013, I was a woman with no tattoos with three children going through a divorce. I was in a full state of transformation when she asked me for a snake for her whole arm. She wanted it to be among roses.
Simbologia de la serpiente Caroli Dilli Serpiente entre rosas - Tatuaje serpiente

If you want to know more about this universal symbol, you can refer to my glossary entry on the snake.

I recommended that he do peonies, which is one of the most commonly used secondary elements to accompany snakes in traditional Japanese tattooing, but he had it figured out. They had to be pink.

He told me that he would have to close personal matters before getting the tattoo.I asked for it in time so that I could work on the idea.

Incidentally asked me what it was that I was training, because I was interested to start training in martial arts. And he was very serious about it, he started to train BJJ Y mmaTime went by and Zingerela became my training partner.. She went on to compete in both modalities and to become European champion in BJJ in his category. Stepping into a ring, cage or tatami to compete, especially if you have recently started in contact sports and you are over 40 years old... is something that causes me real admiration. Zingerela is a woman with a lot of energy and determination.

Dibujo Tatuaje Serpiente entre Rosas Caroli Dilli
Finally in 2015, she was strong and renewed. Then we started on the desired tattoo. She finished it quickly by being consistent with appointments and doing long sessions, with the same commitment she put into wrestling classes.

Tattoos, especially large pieces, involve this personal search for something that really represents you. But it is quite common for first timers to lose focus due to the fear of pain and of something so permanent. It also happens that sometimes they are moved by fashions and do not let themselves be advised by the tattoo artist.

Zingerela She was very wise and instinctive to choose this drawing in these dimensions, especially as it was her first tattoo.

It's not at all common for someone who doesn't have any tattoos to decide to tattoo their entire arm, let alone find the right theme so quickly.

I have the impression that she already had it in her and when we finished it, it was as if it had always been there. It seems to me that her full sleeve tattoo of snake and roses totally represents her.

Tatuajes con Rosas y su significado - Caroli Dilli

The rose and its meaning

If you want to know more about this universal symbol, you can refer to my glossary entry on the pink

The snake and the pink are two classic and highly symbolic motifs, on which an infinite number of documents have already been published.

The most curious thing is that, even if one has never known anything about these symbologies, one still knows them. The images speak for themselves.

For those who do not know their meanings, you can access the glossary of the siteI summarize what I think is most relevant with respect to the symbology of the snake Y the roseI also provide useful information about tattoos inspired by these two powerful images so present in our collective unconscious.

 Knowing all that these two great icons of contemporary tattooing represent and a bit of Zingerela's history, it is not difficult to realize how much they identify her.

Today Zingerela continues to reinvent itself and is now dedicated to the body fitness. She is stronger than ever and the years do not seem to pass her by, rather she seems to have changed her skin again, like the snakes. And the roses, which sprout among thorns and bask in her beauty, are also analogous to her way of being.

Tatuaje Serpiente Japones - Tatuaje Tradicional espalda

Tattoo snake among roses

I have an entry in my portfolio where I explain in more detail this beautiful tattoo. If you want to see more pictures of the tattoo and more information about the elements that appear in it, I invite you to follow this link

Written by Caroli Dilli
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